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基調講演 1 ロバート仲宗根 Robert Nakasone


WUB 20th Keynote

Haisai Gusuyo !! Aloha
Uchinanchu Worldwide Network started when Toyama Kyuzo encouraged Uchinanchu to go to the 5 continents and make it their home. Uchinanchu aboard maintained contacts by sending money to their improvised families and relatives in Okinawa.
Ryukyu University Professor Ishikawa said that at one time over 60% of the Okinawa economy funds came from the Uchinanchu Issei
In the 80s Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo started to write about Uchinanchu abroad.

Shinichi Maehara then followed with his outstanding Okinawa TV series WORLDWIDE UCHINANCHU. Maehara was honored by the University of Hawaii with a honorary PhD.
Today I would like to start with clips from Dr. Maehara's TV program.


Let me continue, the concept of WUB was discussed at the 2nd 1995 Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival. I talked with Kenji Sumida then president of EWC about this. He offered to help this UNTESTED CONCEPT by appointing me as a EWC Visiting Fellow.
A few months later Bank of the Ryukyu made a sizeable general donation to the EWC. Kenji said that since this came from Okinawa lets use part of this for this project. Ryukyu Shimpo support soon followed.

This is how the 1st WUB conference began.
EWC continues to be a strong supporter of WUB and we are grateful for this.
At the end of the 1st conference we ask WHAT NEXT? Shinji Yonamine volunteered to hold the 2nd WUB conference 1998 in Brazil, with the largest number of Uchinanchu abroad

WUB Hawaii is small, but flexible and can be a catalyst. We needed momentum. We requested to Akira Sakima, Ryukyu Bank president to send a strong international leader to our first conference.
Morimasa Goya, now Chairman of Kanehide group, 4th largest Okinawa company became WUB 2nd president. Unfortunately he could not attend today.
Representing Mr. Goya is Mr.Shinichi Matsumoto, president of Kanehide.
Thank you, Mahalo, Ippei Nihei Debiru


ハイサイ グスーヨー!! アロハ



TV Cliping

 WUBのコンセプトは、1995年の第2回世界のウチナーンチュ大会において初めて議論されました。 当時の東西センター所長だったケンジ・スミダ氏へ相談したところ、スミダ氏は援助を申し出てくれ、まだ真価がわからないWUBのコンセプトを実証するため、私は東西センターの無償の客員フェローへ任命されました。



 第1回会議終了時、参加者の間から ”What Next?” 「次はどうする?」と声があがりました。ブラジルから参加していた、シンジ・与那嶺氏が翌年の1998年にブラジルで第2回WUB会議の開催に手を上げてくれました。ブラジルは海外在住の沖縄県系人が最も多く住んでいる国です。




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基調講演 2 呉屋守將 Morimasa Goya


20th WUB Network Conference in Hawaii

Honorary Advisor, Morimasa Goya

I heartily congratulate for holding the 20th WUB Network Conference.
The first contact point with WUB for me was twenty year ago. I was invited to attend a conference from Mr. Noboru Sakima, who was the president of bank of the Ryukyus and chief director of bank of the Ryukyus International Foundation. A lot of Uchinanchu from all over the world had gathered to attend in the "World Business Network Conference" in Honolulu in 1997. I have heard that the HUB (Hawaii Uchinanchu Business Group), the East-West Center, and the bank of the Ryukyus International Foundation had taken a lead to hold the conference.

Even though it was a business meeting, I thought lightly that it was a social gathering, such as golfing and dinner before I attend. However, it was a big misunderstanding. It was a network conference aimed at achieving international level economic exchanges and fellowship among Uchinanchu who is active in the world, with one aspiration for homeland Okinawa far away. And, WUB’s establishment was confirmed in the conference.
 And Mr. Robert Nakasone who has always been in the center of WUB activity. I met him and I was drawn into his passion, action, character, and the pride as Uchinanchu. We traveled to Singapore, North America, and various regions. The memories we talked about are deeply engraved in my hearts.

 What I am proud of as the best achievement of WUB in last 20 years is an announcement of the "Okinawa Peace Economic Declaration" at the 18th WUB Network Conference in Peru in July 2014. It is carved as follows in “Bridge of Nations Bell” (Bankoku Shinryo no Kane) that was hung in the main hall (Seiden) of Shuri castle during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. “The Kingdom of Ryukyu is a splendid place in the South Seas, with close intimate relations with the Three Nations of China, Korea, and Japan, between which it is located, and which express much admiration for these islands.

Journeying to various countries by ship, the Kingdom forms a bridge between all the nations, filling its land with the precious goods and products of foreign lands; in addition, the hearts of its people emulate the virtuous civilization of Japan and China.” as to show its pride as a marine kingdom. Various exchanges that utilize the Uchinanchu network that WUB boasts are having fulfilled their mission as putting emphasis on peaceful diplomacy, leading to the spirit of "Bridge of Nations (Bankoku Shinryo)", which became an international trade city.

Peru, my mother's birthplace, is the region where the Okinawan immigrants occupies the largest number within Japanese immigrants. It is also a special place where I have learned and impressed by how Uchinanchu immigrated to regions such as North America and South America in the past.

People who emigrated from Okinawa and their descendants are spreading around the world and it counted around 400,000 now. While thinking of their home Okinawa, Uchinanchu had put down roots and having been contributed to development of where they have migrated. They appreciate sincerely what have been given from where they live.

Noteworthy that there is the word "Diaspora" that the Jewish people has, Uchinanchu also has words that feel sense of overflowing globalism. Kyuzo Toyama, who is regarded as the "Father of Okinawan Emigration.", said "Let us go forth. The Five Continents are our home." I feel that it is an expression of self-esteem as descendants of the marine kingdom whose eyes turned to the world.

 I sincerely hope that embracing network and pride as this wonderful “Uchinanchu”, WUB will connect the world beyond the borders and expand to a strong one.
Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the seniors who established WUB and opened the way to Uchinanchu. And we are hoping for young Uchinanchu to make most of this network and lead to further development.


          WUBインターナショナル 名誉顧問 呉屋守將







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基調講演 3 与那嶺真次 Shinji Yonamine


Former Presidents Speech
Greetings to Mr. Steve Sombrero, President of WUB Networking, Mr. Bob Nakasone and members who supported this organization for the past 20 years. I am very proud to report the beginning of WUB Brazil. I started when I was honored with the appointment of Okinawa Goodwill Ambassador in 1990 and was also driven by my motivation and enthusiasm in keeping a strong and close relationship among all fellow community around the world, I attended at my own expenses the following events: North American meeting in Los Angeles (1991), European Meeting in Paris (1992), Asian Meeting in Bangkok (1993) and Latin American meeting in Brazil (1993).

After the 2nd Uchinanchu Taikai I was invited to attend the 1stt WUB Conference in Hawaii leading as my guests 7 members of Brazilian delegation and representatives from Bolivia, Argentine and Peru, maintaining a close relationship with WUB Los Angeles, in 1998

At that time I took the responsibility to organize the 2th WUB Conference in 1998, in Brazil, without even consulting the possibility with the Okinawan community in Brazil, assuming a great responsibility and duty to welcome guests from several countries of the world but being supported by the celebrations of the 90th Japanese Immigration in Brazil. We were honored with the presence of Okinawa authorities.

Thus, already as an associative, being named as WUB Association, we introduced Business Rounds and visits to companies for the 2nd Conference. The following conferences happened annually and, in 2008, on the occasion of Brazil’s Japanese Immigration Centenary celebrations the 10th WUB Conference was held.

As a consequence of all the conferences held through these years, a deep and tight friendship was developed among the members resulting in the opportunity to construct a wide net of Uchinanchus.

                      thank you

                      ippe nihe de biru

                      Shinji Yonamine


 この20年間、WUBに貢献してくださった、WUBネットワーク スティーブ・ソンブレロ会長、ロバート仲宗根さんはじめ、皆さんへご挨拶申し上げます。







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基調講演 4 牧志泰三 Taizo Makishi








At the Beginning, I forcused on recruiting members. Traveling around countries to look for Uchinanchu together with Bob Nakasone and Morimasa Goya. I had in mind that we could produce business we have more members in Chapters around the world.

Visiting other countries and meeting Uchinanchu living there were exciting but at the same time, I learned the difficulty to put them together. They were Uchinanchu but they lived in different places and environment.

However, I felt dreams and romanticism in it. We had night capmeeting everynight talking about people we met, challenges we have. It is the most pleasant memory now.

Good thins is that WUB is able to provide scholarship to support South American students to East-West Center. It’s a great thins WUB had done and hope we can continue.
One certain time, Kanehide Corporation imported Wine from Argentina.It was very good wine and I am sure it was a great promotion Argentine Wine to Okinawan in Okinawa.

That was at Oscar Nagamine was President of WUB Netowrk, WUB declared a declaration of “Peace Economy” Statement. I think tt was very good mission to achieve for WUB.
In the early period, issues of “Customs and Duty” and “Transportation” made business impossible, but in these days, I believe politics will find a way to solve it.

Example of failure is the”WUB Invetment Company”. The purpose of establishment company was realization of the dream of members. However, due to the banker prepared outline, the condition were strict, the borrowers also had problems with earnings and could not do anything.
We settled the investment and ended the company. I regret that not having chased ideal alone, but I should have been more realistic.

Whenever I meet with people in hawaii and I found they are flexable in everything. I hope I would be like them.

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基調講演 5 長嶺爲泰 Oscar J.T. Nagamine












私のWUBでの一番の思い出は2014年、ボリビアの地にて歴代会長が集い纏め、第18回WUB世界大会・ペルーにて発表できた「沖縄“平和経済”宣言」と「沖縄から世界へ“平和経済”の発展を願う 宣言文」が長い年月の集いから得たWUB活動の結晶だと信じています。(別途参照)


WUBネットワーク5代目会長 長嶺爲泰・オスカル



(English Translation)

My relationship with WUB Network

Okinawa Prefecture has sent immigrants to overseas for over 100 years and now more than 300,000 Uchinanchus live abroad now.
Okinawa was ruled over in Satsuma during the Ryukyu Kingdom period and was merged with Japan later as Okinawa Prefecture.
During World War II, 200,000 or more became victims to protect mainland Japan, Okinawa was burnt to the ground.

After the defeat, Okinawa entered under the US military control and land from our ancestors were forcibly taken. Although it’s been 45 years since after Okinawa’s reversion to Japan, Okinawa still faces serious US military base issues.
I was born in Taiwan in 1943. At that time, Taiwan was under Japanese control, and returned to my parents’ hometown Okinawa following the defeat.

In 1954, I emigrated to Bolivia with parents as the first group of the Ryukyu Government-led emigration program. I was 11 years old.
During settlement at the Uruma Colony of the virgin forest in Bolivia, I spent the nights looking at the starry sky with an unfinished residence and experienced a life that I had no choice but to drink salt water due to food and water shortage for the first 2 months.

After 3 months of settlement, most of the immigrants including myself suffered from an unknown tropical disease called ”Uruma Disease”, and 15 people were died during 6 months of settlement. I was affected but luckily I recovered. I am grateful that I gain life through death, I learned the preciousness of live.

Afterward we relocated to rescue from Uruma disease for emergency evacuation, settled in Colonia Okinawa, for the third time in the third year of settlement. 50hectors of land free of charge was allocated to each family  and long-waited development of the virgin forest started in full swing.

When life was settled, my father wanted me to get education. I was free from Colonia and moved to the city. I attended elementary school by night while doing apprenticeship. I learned language, I deepened the ties with local society.

Although there were many hardships as Uchinanchu immigrants, fortunately I was blessed with friends and endowed in opportunity and played an active part as a member of the local society, and I was selected as a preparatory member of opening Banco do Brazil Tokyo Branch office.
In 1971, I was transferred to Tokyo when it opened Tokyo branch and I worked there until my retirement.

With experience as an initial migrant, I am blessed with experiences, Bolivia, Brazil society, and Tokyo the center of Japan. My experience of hardships, learning culture, economies in each areas (Bolivia, Brazil, South America, Japan) led to encounter WUB.

By participating WUB, I met great people, especially I was fortunate to get to know WUB Network former Presidents. Bob Nakasone, Founder of WUB, is an International person, Morimasa Goya, Taizo Makishi are leaders of Okinawa economy and intellectuals, Shinji Yonamine, researcher of Okinawa To-to-me(ancestral study).

I participated in WUB meetings every year at different part of the world, I was able to learn about their culture, economy, society and history, and I rediscovered Okinawan history and culture as well.

I am hoping that WUB Network has the duty and the power to combine and deepens the bond of Uchinanchu living in hometown Okinawa and Uchinanchu all around the world.

Uchinanchu “Ichariba Chodee” spirit (Once we meet, we are all brothers and sisters) and “Yui-Maaru”(Cooperate with others), “Nuchi do Takara” (thankfulness of life and treasure ancestors), bright and positive culture of “Nankuru Naisa” (Sanshinn, song, dance) can be applied and shared in any country of the world.

My best memories when I was a President is announcement of ‘Okinawa ”Peace Economy” Statement’ and ‘Declaration Statement from Okinawa Wishing the Development of a “Peace Economy”’. It was in 2014, WUB Network past presidents, Chapter Presidents, officials, gathered together in hotel lobby in Bolivia and discussed and integrated opinions.

We were able to announce at the 18th WUB Network Conference in Peru. I believe both Statement and Declaration are a crystal of WUB activities obtained from gatherings of many years. (Please see separate paper)

I wish for the further development of WUB Network.

September 1, 2017

Oscar Tameyasu Nagamine
5th WUB Network President

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